R.N.A.A.T. 129/2011



Inflatable boards, why?

Easy logistics and storage.
Carries easily in the trunk of the car.
Stable and easy to use.
Great for learning and practicing SUP.
Versatile in use – sea, rivers, lakes, ponds and pools.
EVA deck for comfort on the feet.
Small enough to fit into a travel bag.
Boards of excellent build quality, tested in the most demanding situations.
When inflated to the recommended PSI, the board is so stiff it is normal for it to be mistaken for a rigid board.
Reduced risk of injury to the user and other swimmers.



BTL 2013


We where present at the BTL 2013 with a SUP Academy Stand.

SUP - Instructors

If you want to be instructor of StandUp Portugal Academy, and you have sport course or equivalent and want to spend time by the sea while you earn a "little cash". This is your chance!


Send your CV to info@standupportugal.pt

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